Submission Guidelines

The Rocky Mountain Review: Adventure Incarnate

Writer Guidelines:

Subject Matter:

At the Rocky Mountain Review, we crave adventure. Whenever the opportunity presents itself to break free from our cubicles, we hike, climb, camp, ski, jump out of the sky, dive with sharks.When we are unfortunate enough to be stuck at our desks, we like to live vicariously through other thrill seekers, which is why we want to read about your greatest adventures. We are looking for submissions in the form of Non-fiction and Photography that have never been published before.

Non-fiction Submissions can be narrative essays, interviews, or any other form of story telling you think best puts us in the adventure with you. Submissions can be any length, but keep in mind, that the winning stories will appear online, so a novel might not be appropriate here.

Photography Submissions may include a small description or caption but do not require one.

How to Submit: 

At this time, all submissions will be accepted via email, ONLY:


Please identify: Non-fiction Submission or Photography Submission in the subject of your email

Please copy and past your submission into the body of the email, do not send in an attachment.

Cover Letter

We do not ask for a resume or cover letter, we just want to know how to get in touch with you (both email and postal address, please) and we want to know a little about what you’re submitting. At the top of the body of the email, prep us with a short description of the piece. Was it a vacation? Who were you with? Why was this adventure worth sharing, etc. Nothing elaborate. No pressure, just a few sentences.

Contact Information

Please include your contact information both at the beginning and the end of your email. We request both email and postal addresses, please.

Deadlines for Submission

The Rocky Review is published online, twice a year; Winter (January) and Summer (July.) We accept submission year round.

The deadline to be featured in the Winter publication is December 1st.

The deadline to be featured in the Summer publication is June 1st.

Other Rules and Tid-bits

Authors to be published will be notified no later than one week prior to the publication.

If your submission is published by another entity, please notify us IMMEDIATELY.


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